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April 2008 Issue

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March/April 2008
No. 48 Vol 8 Issue 4


Question: Why This Solution?
The Simple Answer: Boat Club Manager was designed by Marina Operators FOR Marina Operator.
  • Tested Under Real Marina Operations

    Bartlett Lake Marina has been running & testing this released version of Boat Club Manager for their club, Bartlett Lake Boat Club, for years. Between May 15th & November 1st the software has processed over 850 completed reservations without a single error. Total reservation to date are greater than 1400. Boat Club Manager has been tested and is ready to be released to the public.

  • Extremely Reliable

    The entire software package & all updates are thoroughly tested on a separate private computer network before being release to all active boat clubs. All issues that arise in any boat club are immediately corrected through-out the network.

    Our team actively hunts down all issues and takes proactive steps to satisfy them before most boat clubs are even aware. We believe this software is a tool use by you to run your boat club efficient and it is our job to maintain the system so that you can focus on your boat club.

  • Simple Implementation

    Boat Club Manager
    utilizes technology that has been proven reliable and is available to 75% of all people in the United states. Literally, a marina can implement this software using any Internet enabled terminal, i.e., Computer, Laptop or even a PDA. If you can surf the web you can use Boat Club Manager.

    Plus, your members can make on-line reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with only a few clicks of the mouse. Bartlett Lake Boat Club has moved 100% of all their reservations on-line and the members love it.

  • User Friendly

    If you can surf the Internet you can use Boat Club Manager. All regular functions are direct and intuitive.

    Example: Bartlett Lake Boat Club's Manager logs into Boat Club Manager each morning to review and print that days reservations. Once that has been done, the employee only needs to access the software to review or confirm any late made reservations.

    Using the Boat Club Manager system, you and your employees ARE NOT stuck in front of a computer or on the telephone for hours a day like any of our competitors.

  • Increditable Support

    Boat Club Manager
    was designed for marina operators not software programmers, we understand that issues will arise and the correction needs to be immediate. Standard e-mail and phone support is frustrating, time consuming & may require many calls to correct one issue.

    This is NOT the case with Boat Club Manager, our support team can review and make the corrections to your account in "real time". This is done through the power of the Internet, our developers created a system which allows our support team to see exactly what your seeing and effect the corrections immediately. It also allows us to train you faster and more efficiently. No other boat club solution can offer this level of support!


The program is easy to use and can be implemented into your marina whether you’re at full capacity, low capacity, competing with neighboring marinas or just want to make more money.

For instance, with our Boat Club Manager program, taking reservations is 100% web based. This means your members reserve on-line what they want for the length of time, the database tells them what’s available and sets up payment for you . . . 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You just view results at the end of the day or whenever you want because the information is collected ‘real time’.

Prior to the web based software solutions, all reservations were made via the telephone.
A single reservation could say take as much as three phone calls to complete. The member would have to call to make the reservation, confirm the reservation and possibly cancel the reservation. Your office would have been flooded with calls and that meant hiring someone full time just taking reservations and answering support questions alone!

All that is now taken care of online.

Members can review a history of their reservations, showing how often they are using the boat club.

Since it’s web based, you will always have the lasted software updates to ensure the best performance. And if you ever need technical support, we can see the exact same screen and fix it faster and more accurately.

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