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April 2008 Issue

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March/April 2008
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Boat Club Quiz


1. Is your Marina within an hour’s drive of 500,000 people or a major shopping mall?  Yes   No
  Your club only needs 50 members to get a great start!  Can your market support at least 50 members?

Are there people in your area that would join a boat club but would not own a boat?   Yes   No

  We believe there are many potential boaters that are not interested in making the financial commitment to owning a boat, but would love the idea of a club.

Has the cost of owning a boat become too high for a lot of people?   Yes   No

  In these challenging economic times many people are unable to afford the cost of maintaining & owning a boat. A boat club is perfect solution that allows the boater to continue their passion of being on the water.
  You have potentially a lot of digressionary income so the cost of the membership will not be prohibitive.

Do you have competition (other marinas) on your lake?   Yes  No


Get a club started before your competition!  Adding additional services to your marina will draw customers from your competition.

  Great, be the first in your area to start a boat club.

Are there at least 75 families in your area that would join a boat club?  Yes   No


With 75 members you can have a very successful club.

Type of Marina

1. Do you currently have a boat rental operation?  Yes   No
  How would you like to have consistent monthly income from your rental fleet? No more rain outs, cancelled reservations. Remember you only make money on your rentals when they are rented. 

If so,could you use the rental fleet as your boat club fleet?   Yes   No

  By using BoatClub Manager software, you can use some or all of the boats in your fleet as rentals and boat club boats. This way you are maximizing your boats. For instance, a club boat may fetch $250.00 on monthly dues, it can also bring in a rental fee of ??? several times a month.

Do you have a restaurant, ship store or other types of retail shops?  Yes   No

  We see an additional 5,000 people come to our marina each year. This is a new group of users for your marina services.

Can you add more slips under your current permit?   Yes   No

  This will allow you to have slips for your club boats.
  This means that a club will add a new income stream to your marina.

Is your marina looking for new profit centers?  Yes   No

  From our experience a club with 110 members will bring in around $320,000.00 in annual membership dues. Not to mention $50.00 or so per outing.

Can your marina handle an extra 4000 to 6000 visitors a year using the club boats? Yes   No

  An extra 6000 visitors will make your other businesses more profitable.

Current Staffing

1. Do you provide boat repairs at your marina?  Yes   No
  The club will be even easier to operate. You already have your team in place to take care of your fleet.

Can the current staff put out 5 to 10 boats a day?   Yes   No

  This makes the club easy to operate since you do not need to go out and hire new staff.

Can they keep the boats clean & ready to go?   Yes   No

  Great, your current staff can operate a boat club.

Type of Boaters

1. Do you have boaters in your marina that can no longer afford to own a boat?  Yes   No
  A boat club will allow them to continue boating for a fraction of the cost of ownership. And once the economy turns around they go back into ownership. They are kept “in the game”.

Are there older folks that would still like to boat but cannot because of the
physical demands?   Yes   No

  Boat clubs are truly a hassle free way to enjoy boating. There is no launching, maintenance, removing the cover. They just need to turn the key and go.

Do have young families that would like to try boating before they buy?   Yes   No

  The boat club allows people to “try before you buy”. Club members can use a variety of boats for the cost of their monthly dues. They then become a more sophisticated boater when it time to buy. There is nothing more frustrating than making a boat purchase and then realizing that the boat you bought does not fit the family’s needs.

Do you have mom’s who would love to take the kids on the lake but do not want to deal with the hassle of getting the boat ready?  Yes  No

  Yes, we have found that many mom’s are willing to take the kids out as long as they do not have to worry about the upkeep of the boat. This is potentially a huge market during the summer when the dad is at work.



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