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April 2008 Issue

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March/April 2008
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Marinas profitability is primarily calculated by multiplying the number of slips by the monthly fees associated with those slips and your store sales (food, beverage, gas...etc).

Let's look at the two separately:

1. General 20' Slip Verses Boat Club 20' Slip (gross sales):

1 Yearly Slip Rental
  Standard 20' Slip $250.00
  # of Months 12
Total Gross Profits $3,000.00
The Same 20' Slip
1 Yearly Boat Club Slip
  Initiation Fee $1,100.00
  # of Members per Slip 10
  Total Initiation Fees   $11,000.00
  Monthly Fee $265.00
# of Members per Slip 10
  Total Monthly Fees $2650.00  
  # of Months 12
  Total Yearly Fees   $31,800.00
Total Gross Profits $42,800.00

Those are REAL numbers from Bartlett Lake Boat Club's (BLBC) current pro forma. BLBC has increased their member base every year for six years straight, now totaling over 120 active paying members. At this rate of growth, they will have 200+ members within the next year.

This business model complements your current marina operations, it does not replace them. Your rental boats can play double duties, making money while they're going un-rented during the off-season. Also, if you are already running a boat rental business, then those employees can easily add the boat club duties to their daily routine.

2. Additional Revenue Increases

All marina operators know that feet on the marina equals money spent in your store. BLBC tracks all sales through Quick Books and over the last 6 years we have found that each reservation equates to on average $50 spent in our store (food, beverage, gas...etc.). BLBC has had 850 completed reservations in the last 6 months. Those reservations equate to $42,500 in additional gross sales for the last 6 months alone!

As boat club members join your marina community they are more likely to purchase a boat and store it with you. Those additional revenues are hard to quantify but do increase your marina profits.


How can you afford to NOT add Boat Club Manager to your marina operations?

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