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April 2008 Issue

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March/April 2008
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Your Questions Answered

Q: "I've heard other people talk about the Boat Club Manager, but what is it?"

A:  Boat Club Manager is a complete boat club management program designed for marinas to offer an easy-to-manage membership based boat club. It provides a continuous revenue stream you can rely on year-round.

Q: "How is Boat Club Manager different from other boat club programs out there?"

A:  Traditional boat club programs require you to invest about $25,000 to buy into the program plus 5% of your annual gross sales every year.  The more you grow, the higher the percentage you have to pay.  Plus, you don't own the program.  You're a franchisee required to perform under the rules and regulations of the corporate headquarters.  In other words, they dictate to you what can and cannot be done for your marina with the boat club.

You also have the freedom to choose how you want to operate and promote the boat club business.  Plus you get all the extras of private consultation, marketing consultation, website, sample contracts and many others not included in the competing boat club programs.

Q: "How is much time will I save using the Boat Club Manager compared to other boat club programs?"

A:  Typically you can expect to save a couple of weeks starting up with Boat Club Manager.  Since the program is web based, you will also save several hours per month in administrative tasks.

Q: "What does web based mean?"

A:  Web based means the content such as boat reservations, inventory, and etc. are generated online and can be managed from any computer in the world with the proper username and password.  You can work from anywhere in the world with website access and check on your boat club.  Web based also means the software is not tied to just one or two computers.  If something happens to the computer, your information will still be available and the boat club will still be working correctly.

Q: "Will it improve other areas of my business?"

A:  You should see increased profits from the additional purchase of fuel, food, and accessories.  When set-up correctly, you should also receive additional profits from advertisement and commissions.

Q: "I've never run a boat club before, is it going to be a nightmare?"

A:  No.  We are there to guide you and help you every step of the way.  Unlike other boat club programs, you get a 45 day training/setup consultation, private personalized consultation, marketing consultation, boat club pricing consultation, sample contracts, website and many other valuable things to get you started immediately and keep you going.

Q: "Is the Boat Club Manager really that easy to implement and use?"

A:  Yes.  We purposely designed it so you work smarter, not harder.

Q: "I don't want to take any big risks."

A:  What makes you think we do?  We started this thing so we would have enough money to pay our staff during the winter time instead of letting them go.  Big risks are for amateurs, stuck in the get-rich-quick mentality! We're not trying to 'get rich quick' here. Just get an easy few grand a month for almost no effort.

But if you can't handle even a small amount of risk, you should consider staying out of the altogether.  Just stick to what you are doing right now and hold on tight. 

We're confident that if you use this properly, you're going to have to try very, VERY hard to lose money; i.e. by NOT following our simple instructions!

Q: "So how fast can I expect to be making money?"

A:  That depends on where you are starting.  If you have a boat rental business, you can be up in 24-72 hours or less.  If you need to get an inventory of boats, then you can expect 1-3 weeks, depending on how fast you can get the boats.   

Q: "So this will help my boat rental business?"

A:  Yes, this will help your boat rental business by giving you a continuous stream of income year-round.  It is very easy to implement because you already have the location, inventory and the foot traffic.

Q: "So what about promoting the boat club?  Will anyone help me?"

A:  Of course.  Included in the Boat Club Manager program, you will receive one year marketing consultation on how to set-up, promote and grow your club; proven marketing, sales and promotion letters; marina and club logo design; one template website development; and personally e-mail addresses. Additional marketing support can be purchased through Matchstick Marketing Solutions at an exclusive Boat Club Manager rate.  You can reach Matchstick Marketing Solutions at

Q: "I'm worried about having new people walked through my marina."

A:  There are some very simple solutions we will teach you to solving this concern.

Q: "The Boat Club Manager sounds great; can I try it before buying?"

A:  The Boat Club Manager comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.  Call Bryan Church at (480) 221-0503.

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