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  Bartlett Lake Boat Club
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Situated 48 miles from the heart of Phoenix, AZ, tucked away in the mountains, 17 miles North of Carefree lies beautiful Bartlett Lake & Marina.

The Church's developed Bartlett Lake Marina 15 years ago with the idea to create a true gem for Arizona boaters in one of the few lakes surrounding the Phoenix Metro area. They succeeded, but like many marinas through-out the country as the marina approached the maximum number of available slips new sales and profits leveled off. The Churches needed to find additional new sources of income.

The answer came in a revolutionary new business model, the Boat Club. The idea revolves around maximizing the profitability of your Boat Club slips by multiplying it against the number of Boat Club members. For example; An average 20' slip would cost a marina member $250/month for a gross Yearly profit of $3,000. The same Boat Club boat/slip has an average of 10 members each paying an average Monthly Fee of $265.00 for a gross Monthly profit of $2,650 & Yearly profit of $31,800 per slip!

Bartlett Lake Boat Club's six year real life pro forma AFTER expenses averages 10 members per boat/slip for a monthly profit of $9,500 per boat/slip.

Bartlett Lake Boat Club
Average Member Statistics

Membership Levels Silver Platinum  
Initiation Fee $995.00 $1,295.00  
Monthly Boat Dues $245.00 $290.00  
# of Members 70 50 120
# of Boats 9 3 12
# of Members per Boat     10

Bartlett Lake Boat Club's detailed Pro Forma is available for your review upon request.

The Boat Club model has proven to be a fantastic new source of income & extremely popular.

Bartlett Lake Boat Club
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